City of Alpena Issues Mandatory Run-Water Notice

ALPENA, MI – Because of severe winter weather conditions, many water customers have experienced the interruption of water service due to frozen underground pipes.City of Alpena

In an effort to prevent further freezing, the City of Alpena Water Department is authorizing all City water customers to continuously run their water 24 hours a day until further notice. The stream of water should be the diameter of a pencil lead. A utility sink in a basement area is an ideal location to run.

All customers will receive an estimated bill with a credit for the water used. Short periods of warm weather do not reduce the risk of freezing and all City customers should continue to run their water until further notice.

A follow-up news release will be provided when the City water customers can stop running their water. Please call the Alpena Water/Wastewater Utility at (989) 354-1400 if you have any questions.