The Cancer Battle

DETROIT, MI – For as much as I have wanted to keep up with the articles on MIHeadines, my health has definitely taken center stage during the past couple of months.cancer

Because the chemo and radiation treatments are very grueling, I have not been able to concentrate on anything else but coming out alive on the other end.

There is good news to pass along.  Last week, the head of my cancer team did another scope of my throat to determine if the treatments that I have been enduring for the past eight weeks is working.  Dr. Gardener maneuvered to scope to the area of where the tumor was located, he said “Oh My !”  The tumor has disappeared.  Those were words that surprised me a great deal.  After my last treatment, I have to hope and pray that the mass does not return.

My last treatment will be on Thursday, May 28th, 2015.  My plans are to travel to my parents house to recover for a couple of weeks.  My brothers will be arriving in Detroit to drive me and my car back to Alpena.

As I begin to feel better, it is my intent to pick up where I left off when this nightmare began.  I cannot say Thank You enough to my very dear friend Kim who has not left my side once throughout this ordeal.  She has been my rock.  I also was to say Thank You to everyone who have prayed and sent well wishes.

I truly am a very blessed man.

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