City of Alpena Right-of-Way Tree Removal

ALPENA, MI – It is against City Policy and the Council’s Policy Statement for property owners to remove trees within the right-of-way or on public property. City of Alpena

These trees are designated as public property and are not to be removed by the private property owner unless specific permission is granted.

The City has been notified, or identified several property locations, where owners have taken it upon themselves to remove trees within the right-of-way. Those individuals who have removed trees have been and will be held responsible for all costs associated with removal of the tree debris, removal of the stump, replanting of trees, and any other costs applicable.

If you have a dead or dying tree located in the right-of-way, which may need to be removed, you may contact the Public Works Service Center at 989-354-1780 to report the tree. Once reported, a Public Works Supervisor will inspect the tree and determine if it is to be removed and if so designated, the tree will be scheduled for removal as manpower and priority permits. The removal will not happen immediately unless the tree is designated a public hazard.

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