Port Huron Embezzlement Investigation

PORT HURON, MI –  Chad Shappee, 45-years-old, of Kimball Township, was arraigned Thursday on charges of embezzlement and two counts of uttering and publishing.Chad Shappee (2)

The full press release is as follows:

The Port Huron Police Department has been investigating a complaint of embezzlement made by the Utility Workers of America —Local #532 — a City of Port Huron DPW Union regarding the embezzlement and Uttering and Publishing of forged financial transaction devices in an amount in excess of $60,000.00

The complaint was filed by the International Union executives regarding a local city of Port Huron DPW worker who was placed in a position of fiduciary responsibility,  Local Unit Treasurer, within the local union hierarchy. The investigation of this complaint has been on-going and active over the last few weeks. They have completed their investigation, including an interview of the suspect involved — a 17 year City of Port Huron employee who was an equipment Operator #3, a backhoe operator, identified as Chad Shappee, 46 years old, of Kimball Twp.

A Complaint and warrant request was filed with the St. Clair County Prosecutors office in regards to our investigation, and a warrant has been issued for the following charges:

Embezzlement – $50,000.00 or more but less than $100,000.00 – Chappee being an agent, servant or employee of the Utility Workers Union of America – Local #532 did convert to his own use, without consent of his/her principal, money and or personal property of his/her principal, having a value of more than $50,000.00 but less than $100,000.00 — into the defendants own possession or under his charge, by control or virtue of his/her relationship with the union — MCL 750.174(6) — Felony — 15 years &/or $25,000 fine.

COUNT #2/#3 — Uttering & Publishing — Did utter and publish as true, a certain false good, forged, altered or counterfeit record, instrument or other writing, with intent to defraud, knowing said instrument to be false, altered, forged or counterfeit – said instruments – Multiple Checks and FTD’s. — Felony – 14 years MCL #750.249

During this investigation the named suspect/defendant was cooperative with the police investigation. There has been an admitted to the forgery of approximately 67 forged checks, multiple financial transaction devices (credit/debit card), etc. The Port Huron Police Department continues this investigation in an attempt to determine if the named suspect is involved in any further criminal acts.

It does not appear at this time that any City of Port Huron property, goods, or financial instruments were ever targeted or involved in this theft. At this time the reported actions appear to have occurred over a significant time period (multiple years) and are limited to the theft of the union’s financials.

The Utility Workers union of America represents the Utility (Waste water & Water filtration), Streets, Parks-Forestry and cemetery workers. There are approximately 63 workers involved in this union at this time.

The Port Huron Police Department has kept the Utility Workers of America union, the city of Port Huron City Mgr. and City of Port Huron Human Resources Director aware of this active and on-going investigation. At this time the status of Mr. Shappee and his employment with the city of Port Huron is that he has voluntarily tendered his resignation. Mr. Shappee was arraigned on Thursday, May 12th, 2016 and a bond of $100,000.00 Personal Recognizance was set.  Conditions of the bond include no contact with city employees, except for human resources, and to not be on any city property.

A probable cause conference has been set for May 24th, 2016 in front of District Judge Cynthia Platzer. A preliminary examination will be held May 31.

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