Loose Dog in Huron County Kills 280 Chickens

PORT AUSTIN, MI – This morning at 8:30 a.m., Huron County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the Bird Creek Farms on Grindstone Rd., which is on the eastside of Port Austin, where it was found that 280 chickens had been killed. bird creek farms

It was determined that a Husky dog found at the scene was responsible. In all, 120 hens and 160 six week old chicks were killed. The dog owner was originally unknown but was later located through the use of social media. Apparently the dog had wandered away from its 26 year old female owner’s residence earlier, who lives blocks away within the Village. The value of the loss has not been determined but it is believed it will exceed several thousand dollars.

At this time the dog was taken to the Thumb Animal Shelter until it’s decided whether charges will be sought, or if the victim will settle for restitution and whether the dog should be put down regardless. Dog owners are reminded not to allow their pets to wander at large because they are responsible should they injure someone or damage someone’s property.

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