Three Macomb County Juveniles Arrested after Failed Armed Robbery

MT. CLEMENS, MI – On Friday, August 19th, 2016, at approximately 2:00 p.m., Sheriff deputies were dispatched to the Gibraltar Trade Center for a report of an (attempted) armed robbery and a felonious assault.Sheriff

According to the complainant, a 59 year-old Roseville man, he had ridden the bus to Mt. Clemens and he was walking along North River Road headed to the Gibraltar Trade Center. He saw three juvenile subjects on bicycles approaching from McArthur Park.

He states that the three juveniles were following him at a close distance. He told deputies that the three got off their bikes in front of the Farmer’s Market, and leaned them against the building. Fearing that he was about to be robbed, he crossed North River Road to the parking lot of Captain’s Landing. The three juveniles then ran towards him. One of the juveniles told to him to stop, lifted his shirt and drew a pistol, and pointed it at the victim.

The juvenile with the gun told him to “give me your wallet”. The man explained to the juveniles
that he did not have a wallet and he patted his pants pockets. The juvenile with the gun struck
him with the gun (on the forearm), then pointed the gun at his stomach and pulled the trigger
twice. The gun did not fire but produced a clicking sound. The victim told deputies that he
believed that the gun had misfired.

The three juveniles ran back across North River Road, got on their bikes and fled the area.

The victim ran to Gibraltar where he used the phone to call the Sheriff’s Office. He reported the incident, and gave deputies a description of the gun; describing that it had bright green night-sights.

Responding Sheriff deputies went in to the neighborhood directly north and west of the Gibraltar Trade Center and deputies located three bikes (matching the description) parked behind a residence on Clara Street.

The homeowner (of the residence where the bikes were parked) was summoned and she allowed access to the residence. As deputies prepared to enter, two juveniles voluntarily exited the home. When questioned, they told deputies that the third subject had fled prior to the arrival of deputies. Sheriff deputies entered the residence and located the third juvenile hiding in a closet. Furthermore, deputies located a black AIRSOFT pistol that was hidden in a toilet tank. The pistol had bright green night-sights.

The three juveniles were all arrested and transported to the Sheriff’s Office for questioning.

All three are 14 years old. All three face charges in Juvenile Court.


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