Corrected Information to Brown Bag Movement Article

DETROIT, MI – In the article that was published on October 1st, 2016 entitled ‘Detroit Woman Feeds 500 Homeless in The Brown Bag Movement‘, Fannie Hamilton set out to feed the homeless in the streets of Detroit.Homeless

Today we received information from Elizabeth Frizzell that a woman from Farmington Hills, Quiana Broden, had founded The Brown Bag Movement prior to our writing the article about Fannie Hamilton.  Frizzell stated in a message to MI Headlines that “The true founder (which you can see by doing little to no research) is Quiana Broden of Farmington Hills. The credit belongs to someone who works tirelessly every weekend to find donations, transportation, food, and various supplies to provide to the homeless.”

Fannie has changed the name of their group to Facebook Food Fairys so that no intrusion on Quiana Broden’s efforts takes place or gets confused.

In the writing of the article, those who wanted to assist Fannie Hamilton suggested that the name of ‘The Brown Bag Movement’ be adopted towards the effort.  It was not until today, Wednesday, October 12th, 2016, were we made aware that an entire group to feed the homeless in Detroit with that name already existed. If MI Headlines would have known sooner, an immediate effort would have been set forth to correct any information and to stop any potential confusion for the two efforts.

MI Headlines sincerely apologizes to Ms. Broden for any confusion that this may have caused.  We applaud both individuals for their efforts to feed the homeless.  None of us know when something tragic may hit our own lives and we too could be looking for help to feed, cloth and shelter us.

The video below is shared from Click on Detroit – Local 4 to highlight Fannie Hamilton’s efforts in the streets of Detroit.

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