Troy Police warning against Tax Related Scam

TROY, MI – With tax season upon us, the Troy Police Department is asking the public to be vigilant about tax-related scams. Troy residents have reported being victims of both IRS phone scams and tax-related identity fraud in the past year.

The Troy Police Department has taken many reports regarding fraudulent attempts to obtain funds from citizens by criminals posing as representatives of the IRS via phone. Residents should be aware that the IRS will never contact taxpayers via phone and demand immediate payment nor will they threaten residents with deportation.

The Troy Police Department advises that residents should not respond to such phone calls. At no time should an individual provide payment or personal information in response to such a call. Residents receiving these type of calls can report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at 1-800-366-4484.

The Troy Police Department also advises that residents can be proactive in preventing identity theft by protecting their social security number (SSN). Residents should consider not carrying their Social Security card or other documents with their SSN on them. Residents should also frequently change passwords for computers and accounts containing their SSN and other personal information.

The Troy Police Department Community Services Section is available to speak to organizations, groups or employers located in the City of Troy about how to avoid being a scam victim. Please contact the Community Services Section at 248-619-7263to arrange a presentation.

Additional tips to prevent tax-related fraud provided by the IRS are attached here.


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