Two in Custody from Vicious Greektown Assault

DETROIT, MI – Detroit Police Chief James Craig stood outside of Sinai-Grace Hospital on Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 to give updates on recent events and crimes that have been high-profile in the city.

One of the more significant parts of that update was that of the brutal assault that took place on three young men in Greektown early Easter Sunday morning at about 2:30 a.m.

Chief Craig stated that two of the eight that they are looking for are in custody.  Each one of those individuals is from Inkster.  He called the attack cowardly.  Detroit Police know who they are looking for and it is only a matter of time before they all are under arrest. We know who you are. We’re going to get you or arrest you so do yourself a favor and turn yourself in,” Craig said.

Two of the most violent offenders in the fight have been arrested.  The person in the video who can be seen violently kicking and punching 23-year-old Brandon Putman while he lay lifeless on the pavement is one of those who has been taken into custody.  Putman was in critical condition when he finally arrived at the hospital for treatment.  The other and second most violent of those involved has also been arrested.

There is no gang affiliation in this situation.  It was a group of young men from Inkster who were in the city.

Chief Craig was not certain as to what brought on the beatings but believes that a verbal dispute may have taken place before the fight broke out.  Craig made it well-known that ‘foolishness’ need not be brought to Detroit because they do have eyes on you.

Questions have been asked about police presence that night.

About 30 minutes prior to the vicious beatings, police were called to another part of downtown for a ‘Shots Fired Call’.  The resources that are normally in Greektown went to assist with that call.

Chief Craig is still very upset that it took so long for someone to call 9-1-1 for help.  He questioned the moral compass of those who stood around who were laughing, watching and trying to capture video of the assault so it could be put on Facebook Live.  He did acknowledge that the video that was posted to Facebook is assisting police in the investigation. However, multiple cameras outside Greektown Casino are also leading police to the suspects. The suspects cars were parked in a garage, and police have photos of the cars and their license plates to help track down those involved.

It is expected that more of those who are being sought after will be arrested today.  If everyone is not in custody later today, then photos, names and descriptions of them will be released to the media.

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