Detroit Woman Dies after being shot in VIP Club Parking Lot

DETROIT, MI – A Detroit woman was shot and killed in an after hours club parking lot in Detroit early this morning, Saturday April 22nd, 2017.

There were two fatal shooting in the city of Detroit last evening.  One was reported to be on Pickford near the Lodge Freeway and the other was on Strathmoor Street.

Social media has been lighting up about a woman whose name is Angela Posey. She is also being called Angie B on Facebook.  Angie B was out with friends at about midnight.  She can be seen in photos with those friends in a car enjoying a night out. Then not long after, posts started showing up saying Rest In Peace Angie B.

Posey died at approximately 3:15 a.m., not far from the VIP Club that is located at 15775 James Couzens Fwy (The Lodge Freeway Service Drive).  It is also known as the Lodge Social Club from the name on the outside of the business.

The estimated time of when all of these events took place is known by a record of 9-1-1 dispatch.  Police were directed to Pickford Street from the initial call for help.

Sources have stated that Angela Posey was shot and killed during a shootout between a man who she was recently acquainted with and a security guard.  She was not an intended target between the two individuals firing the weapons.  She was caught in the crossfire.

Another source has stated that the man, who arrived at the club with the victim or near the same time as Angela, was fighting with security and they repeatedly asked him to leave. Apparently Angie B also became involved in the disagreement. She too was fighting with security at that time. They were asked to leave quietly several times.  Those familiar with this incident said that Angela and those who were with her never made it inside of the club.  All of this took place near the front door and in the parking lot.

At some point while the argument was escalating, Angela had been placed inside of a car. It is unclear if it was the car that she arrived to the club in or another persons vehicle.  She had been instructed to stay in that car.  Someone was obviously trying to keep her safe. She then made her fatal mistake because she did get out so she could join back into the fracas. If she had not gotten back out, others feel that she would still be alive.

The man who was involved in the argument then retrieved a gun from a vehicle and started firing his weapon toward the security guard.  That is when security fired back in what is being called self-defense by those who were witnesses to the blowup. Angela Posey was hit by bullets from the security guards weapon.

The same source said that several people who were at the club last evening have confirmed to them these very same details. This individual stated that there are shootings or fights that occur there on a regular basis.

At the time that the shots rang out, the back door was said to be chained up and people were running away from the front door who were inside of the building trying to take cover.  Those very familiar with this place said that the back exit is usually blocked on both sides.  There was no other way out of the place.  If that is true, then those who are running this establishment are in absolute violation of fire codes.

Based on information from ClickonDetroit, they are reporting that “The patron fled the club and jumped into a vehicle, police said. The security guard allegedly fired shots at the vehicle, striking a woman inside it, police said.”

Photos uploaded to Facebook the very night Angie B was shot and killed

During the 6 p.m. newscast on WXYZ they did make brief mention of the shooting. They too reported that the person firing back at the security guard got into the same vehicle as the victim.

A transmission went out, not long after the initial dispatch, to Detroit Police over their radios that more gun shots were heard in the very same area and that “DPD is told to use caution”.  Again this is based on another record of 9-1-1 dispatch.

Trying to get Angie B away from the area safely after she had been shot and trying to save her life, a female friend, who is believed to be in the photos with the victim, drove her away from the scene of the shooting. They ended up at a nearby gas station on Wyoming where it is said that she died in that friends lap.

ClickonDetroit previously reported that the security guard had not been taken into custody pending the outcome of the investigation by police.  Now information has come out that the security guard fled the scene after the shooting.  He is being sought after for questioning.

The man that was shooting at the security guard fled the scene and it is understood that police are searching for him at this time as well.

Kisha Jones-Gantt said on Facebook “We should all be able to go out and enjoy ourselves without worrying about getting killed!!”

The VIP has a sorted history.  The Wayne County Sheriff’s office shut it down in 2011 for illegal activity.  The place was raided because of multiple complaints about noise, after-hours illegal alcohol sales and drug use.  This young woman’s death is not the first one reported at or near the same place.  A woman stated that her brother was killed leaving that very same after hours club.

Our sources have told us that a man who used to run the VIP was murdered in his own home during a robbery just over a year ago.  Since the time of this man’s murder, the club has gone into further decline.  “There’s one way in and one way out the whole scene is grimy it’s a death trap yet and still ppl go cuz they just gotta turn up.”

Posey’s sister, Von Vonnie Von (Yvonne), posted to Facebook “My little sister lord please wrap your arms around my mother and my siblings”

Angela Posey was 28 years-old and was a mother to six children.  Sadly those children now have to grow up without their mother.

Detroit Police continue to investigate this case.   If anyone has information pertaining to this crime, please call Detroit Police Homicide Detectives at (313) 596-2260. Citizens can remain anonymous by leaving a tip on the app DPDConnect also.

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