Hearing Postponed for Man Accused in Murder of Baby in Inkster

INKSTER, MI – A hearing for James Saltmarshall, 22-years-old, of Detroit, has been adjourned until Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017.

Saltmarshall has been charged in connection with the death of his eight-month-old infant daughter Janiyah Saltmarshall.

According to information that was obtained today from a report, the sexual abuse had been ongoing due to the scarring that was observed when the baby was being treated at the hospital. There are now many questions from those who are watching this case closely that no one in the public currently has answers to.

The probable cause conference that was scheduled for him in 22nd District Court before Judge Sabrina Johnson has been delayed or adjourned because he did not have any legal representation for him in court this morning.

There appeared to be confusion among court officials who were expecting to see a lawyer to represent the young man but none was there.  They did try to accommodate by trying to find one to assist in the hearing but there were none available to help out.

James Saltmarshall appeared on video in the court room. He was only allowed to say his name when Judge Johnson told him he had no lawyer and that they would have to adjourn court until the 3rd of May to get him one.

There were no family members there in the court room to show support for him. Saltmarshall was emotional and could be heard in the court room from behind closed and locked doors sobbing. His cries can best be described as being horrific sounding.

There was also another part to the hearing that was visible and noted.  There was no one in court from either side of the family to represent 8-month-old baby Janiyah.

For those who care enough and wish to put money on the books for him at the Wayne County Jail, you will find the information below:

James Saltmarshall
570 Clinton Street
Detroit , MI 48226
Inmate number # 1730261


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