Go Fund Me setup by Aunt for Baby Janiyah’s Funeral

DETROIT, MI – As this situation becomes so much more unfortunate, we have learned that a new Go Fund Me account has been established for Baby Janiyah’s Funeral and it appears it is being controlled this time by an aunt of the child.

We have not been able to verify that this account is controlled by anyone other than the aunt. So it is possible that the mother could have control of it.  Zuleika Moreno, biological mother to the baby, had set one up previously that was taken down because it had been reported multiple times.

In yet another very odd twist that readers must be aware of to the Go Fund Me account, Moreno has contributed $100 which seems to be very strange and questionable.

The description on Go Fund Me states

Baby Janiyah’s Funeral Coasts! (sp)

As Many May Know The Little 8 month Old Baby Who Died In Detroit Was My Niece, her mother is My Sister! I am PERSONALLY Creating this GoFund Me to make it Possible to Lay My Niece to Rest as she deserves! I appreciate everyones support and prayers as this is THE WORST we have ever experienced! As a mother and her Aunt I just want this for My Innocent Baby Niece! Anything will help EVERYONE Please Share And Thanks To Anyone who will Participate! I am in charge of all funds and will be handing this money over to the Funeral home myself! I Thank You all Again! GOD BLESS #RIPJaniyah -Xiomara Moreno

There is no information in the description as to the funeral home that has been chosen to perform services for the child.

It also seems from sources that have contacted MI Headlines that the mother to Baby Janiyah has been on social media begging for donations to the fund.  We are told that there are those who have been responding to her who are completely appalled that she is not being more respectful of the situation at hand and they are calling her out on her motives. She is trying to appear as though she is a grieving mother but for those responding to her they are not buying it.

It is advised before contributing that you authenticate for yourself that the money will be going to the costs of services for the baby.

At this time there is a total of $520 in the account.  They are hoping to raise $3000.

If you would like to contribute to the Go Fund Me account, Please Click Here.

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