Detroit Woman Robbed at Gunpoint and nearly Raped on City’s West Side [Updated]

On April 30th the victim in this case was able to provide the 10 digit incident number along with the officers name that she spoke to for verification purposes.  Questions had arose as to the validity to this article so the article was pulled until that information was provided.  We apologize to the victim but we must ensure that situations like this are true.

DETROIT, MI – A Detroit woman was robbed and nearly raped on Friday evening April 28th, 2017, on the west side of the city.

She wants others to know that she was robbed and almost raped last night in the area of 6 Mile and Livernois.

The victim has requested that we do not share her name or show her face.

The victim was on 6 Mile Rd, on the west bound side of the roadway, near an old ice cream shop, shortly before midnight.  She states that she was walking to a nearby gas station.

The assailant forced the woman into a dark area between buildings. He placed his right hand around her throat and told the victim not to scream. She began to beg for her life not wanting him to kill her right then and there. He then pulled out a gun and told her that she was talking to much. That is when he told the woman to take her pants off.

As she started to comply, she grabbed her knife that she walks with in her pocket.  The victim was then able to stab her would be rapist in the leg.

She stated that “She wasn’t dying yesterday. Not on Gods good watch. It wasn’t my time.”

After she was able to stab the suspect in the leg, she ran for her life with only one shoe on.  That is when the victim also started screaming for help. She said that she wished she would have been able to stab him in the neck to injure him further so he would think twice about trying to rob or rape another woman who might not be able to defend themselves and so that he would have been injured enough to not get away so police could have arrested him

The woman also told us that she will never forget his face or voice.  She has reported the crime to the Detroit Police Department. The suspect is described as follows:

He is approximately 5ft 11 with a medium build, 34-37 years-old, he had a chocolate brown but not dark complexion, long dred locks pulled into a ponytail to the back of his head, black rimmed glasses – newer style type, ear ring in his right ear and a light faded mustache. The suspect was wearing dark blue jeans, a red hat and red jacket.

He was able to make off with the victims cell phone, two dollars and her bus pass.

The victim has spoken further with authorities.  She reached back out to MI Headlines on Sunday afternoon and notified us that a composite sketch will be coming from the Detroit Police Department  for the media to distribute to the public.  As soon as that sketch is received, we will get that information published as quickly as possible so this individual can be arrested promptly.

If you know anything about this crime, you are urged to please call Detroit Police or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-SPEAKUP.


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