15 yr old takes own life after Fatally Stabbing Oakland County Grandmother [Updated]

HOLLY, MI – The 15-year-old grandson of a 65-year-old woman from Holly, who was the main suspect in her murder, was located dead on a set of railroad tracks after he was struck by a train Tuesday morning, August 22nd, 2017.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Operations Center received a call at 5:42 AM today, Tuesday August 22nd, 2017, reporting that a woman had been stabbed to death in the 17000 block of Sleepy Hollow in the Oak Hill Estates Mobile Home Community in Springfield Township.

The suspects father found a note left by his son, Steven Wilkerson, indicating that he was going to kill, Mary Ann Barnes, his 65-year-old grandmother. The incident occurred between the hours of Midnight and 5:30 AM.

Sources have stated that the 15-year-old was just released from the hospital after he had slit his wrists. One of his friends that he was texting with said that he had recently been posting photos of his bloody wrists on social media. When the young girl saw the photos she told him to stop and that he was only looking for attention.

From all indications, Steven Wilkerson was a good person but was not well mentally. His situation was described as suffering from “uncontrolled mental illness”. Due to those circumstances, it would seem to be more clear as to why his father, after finding the note that he had left, called authorities immediately.  The boy was not only a threat to himself but to others as well. It is very possible that he was experiencing a manic episode or suffering from the onset of Schizophrenia.

Mary Ann Barnes was found with multiple stab wounds in the bedroom of her home. The suspected murder weapon, a large kitchen knife, was recovered by Deputies at the scene. 15-year-old Steven Wilkerson, after stabbing his grandmother to death, fled the scene in her Black 2006 Pontiac G6.

The teen’s body was later located on the railroad tracks in the Village of Holly. His grandmothers car was located not far from where he was found.

Steven Wilkerson was getting ready to start school in the 10th grade at Holly High School this fall.