Cat Hoarding Case being investigated in Madison Heights

MADISON HEIGHTS, MI – The Madison Heights Police Department’s Animal Control Officer is currently investigating a cat hoarding situation on Hecht St. in Madison Heights.

The Madison Heights Police Department was notified about a strong odor emanating from the residence on Hecht. The Animal Control Officer and the Chief of Police determined the residence that the odor was emanating from and were able to obtain a search warrant from the 43rd District Court for the residence.

The search warrant was executed on Thursday, October 19, 2017. The Animal Control Officer and the Chief of Police entered the residence and escorted the homeowner, 58 year old Steven Kwasiborski and his son out of the home. Officers located in excess of 60 cats inside the home. The cats are in extremely poor condition and are heavily flea infested. The cats were using the entire house as a litter box. There were several cats/kittens that had been deceased prior to our entry of the home.

The homeowner was arrested and charged with one count of Felony Animals-Abandoning/Cruelty to 10 or more animals. This charge carries with it a possible penalty of up to 4yrs in prison, $5,000 fine, up to 500 hours of community service, or any combination of these penalties.

Mr. Kwasiborski was arraigned at the Madison Heights Police Department on October 21, 2017, and was given a $20,000 cash/surety bond. Mr. Kwasiborski has since bonded out. His next court date will be November 1st, 8 a.m. for a pre-exam conference.

The Madison Heights Police Department is coordinating with the Oakland County Animal Shelter to remove the animals from the premises and have each cat checked by a licensed veterinarian. Some of the cats will be adoptable and we are asking for the media’s help in locating rescue facilities that will accept some of these cats. Please contact the Madison Heights Animal Shelter at 248-837-2784 with any inquiries.

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