Distracted Driving Enforcement Initiative starts Monday

LANSING, MI – On Monday November 6th, 2017, the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office is collaborating with several other police agencies for the first ever, countywide, distracted driving enforcement initiative.

Agencies from ICSO, MSP, Mason PD, Leslie PD, Stockbridge PD, Meridian Twp. PD, East Lansing PD, MSU PD, Lansing PD, Lansing Twp. PD will have officers specifically dedicated to identifying and stopping distracted drivers. Marked patrol cars teamed with spotter cars, some with video cameras, will be deployed all over the county.

Approximately 30 officers from all over Ingham County will be participating. Last year Ingham County averaged approximately 25 accidents a day, every day, county wide – all jurisdictions included. According to Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth, “there is absolutely no doubt texting and distracted driving is contributing to this huge daily accident total.”

Officers will be briefing at ICSO Monday morning and will be deployed throughout the county. Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth states “This is no secret. We want the public to know we will be out in force this day, please stay off your phone. If you choose to text, Facebook, e-mail or some other form of distracted driving, expect enforcement if you get stopped.”

“Our goal is not to write tickets but to dramatically reduce the number of accidents, both on this day and every day moving forward. Simply putting your phone down, or turning it off can play a huge role in achieving this goal.”

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