Off Duty Ingham County Officer discovers Fatal Accident Scene that Killed Webberville Woman

WILLIAMSTON, MI – At approximately 5:30 am Sunday morning, a crash was discovered on Williamston Rd near Dennis Rd in Wheatfield Township by  an off duty Ingham County Sheriff’s Sergeant.

On January 21st, 2018, Ingham County Sheriff’s Sergeant Jeff Weiss was on his way to work when he crested a hill on southbound Williamston Rd and saw a crashed vehicle, without lights, in the roadway. Sergeant Weiss took evasive maneuvers in an attempt to avoid striking the vehicle. He did strike a mailbox as he went into a ditch and came to rest in a field.

Upon evaluating the scene, Sgt. Weiss located a woman who was the driver of the vehicle in the road. He then located a second vehicle in a ditch, the driver of which had died. Sgt. Weiss kept the surviving driver at the scene until on duty deputies arrived.

The victim is identified as Karen Lynn Grinnell, a 53 yr old woman from Webberville, MI. She was killed when her vehicle was hit head-on.

The survivor is a 29 yr old woman from Webberville, was taken to an area hospital with a broken foot.

The Sheriff’s Office is awaiting lab results from the Michigan State Police Crime Lab on the suspects blood that has been submitted. The Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate the crash.

Sheriff’s Officials said that Sgt. Weiss finding the crash may have prevented other injuries and the involvement of additional vehicles, because the area is unlit. Law enforcement is always on duty when it comes to assisting the public.

The crash remains under investigation.

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