Drunk 18 yr old Urinates on Friend’s Mother’s exercise bike and Dining Room floor in Troy

TROY, MI – A Troy teenager left several of his friend’s inside of his mother’s house and he was nowhere to be found when she got home.

The woman came home on Sunday January 28th, 2018, to find her son’s friend there intoxicated. The homeowner’s son was not there but several of his friends were.

As she was telling the son’s friends to leave her home, she suddenly heard some splashing coming from her dining room where she discovered an intoxicated 18-year-old was urinating onto her exercise bike and floor. She yelled for the him to stop but he did not until he was finished.

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Officers were called to the address in the 4000 block of Bristol Drive at approximately midnight.

Arriving officers spoke with the 18-year-old teenager from Troy. He admitted to drinking alcohol but denied urinating in the dining room even though there was a puddle of urine below and on the bike.

Officers requested him to submit to a Preliminary Breath Test but he refused. He was issued a Misdemeanor Citation for Minor in Possession of Alcohol and driven home.

Then again at 2:28 am, Troy Officers responded to the area of Bristol Road and Cypress Drive on report of intoxicated subjects leaving a residence after causing a problem.

Upon arriving, officers noted seeing a black 2003 Jeep Liberty driving away at a high rate of speed. A traffic stop was initiated and the officers spoke with a 17-year-old male from Troy, noting an odor of alcohol emanating from inside the vehicle. Also inside the vehicle was an 18-year-old male and a 17-year-old female, both also from Troy.

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When asked, the driver would not answer if he had been consuming alcohol. He was asked to perform several sobriety evaluations to which he did but the officer noted that he performed poorly. He refused to a Preliminary Breath Test and was arrested.

The passengers were asked to submit to a Preliminary Breath Test which both agreed. The 18-year-old passenger’s result was .07% while the 17-year-old female passenger’s result was .058%.

Both passengers were cited for Minors in Possession of Alcohol by the officers and released from the scene.

The driver was transported to the lock-up facility where he was read his Chemical Test Rights and agreed to take a breath test with a result of .08%.

He was charged with Preliminary Breath Test Refusal and Operating a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence of Alcohol.

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