Three Women Shot and Killed during Barricaded Gunman Situation on Detroit’s Eastside [Video]

Cynthia Williams, Barbara Williams, Patricia Williams

[Facebook photo: Cynthia Williams, Barbara Williams, Patricia Williams]

DETROIT, MI – Three women were shot and killed during a barricaded gunman situation on Detroit’s eastside late Sunday evening.

A gunman remained barricaded inside of a home in the 19400 block of Lamont Street.  That is near 7 Mile and Mound Road. The incident began at approximately 10:00pm on Sunday February 11th, 2018.

The gunman is being identified as 49-year-old Lance Smith.

Smith has no known previous criminal history.  His family members said the man sufferd from mental illness. However, Chief Craig said there is nothing to confirm or support those statements.

It is reported that Lance Smith had been dating a woman, identified as Cynthia Williams, who had disappeared.  Police believed that Smith was holding her hostage or he may have possibly ended her life before they actually learned what had taken place

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In the beginning stages of the standoff, officers believed that there were two gunman hold up in two separate houses on Lamont Street.  It was later learned that the second person was actually the man who had made the original calls of shots fired.

The standoff went on into Monday afternoon until police deployed a robot inside of the house. That is when they discovered Lance Smith was dead. Smith had killed himself inside of the home on Lamont Street. He was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The three female victims are identified as Cynthia Williams; her mother, Barbara Williams; and her aunt, Patricia Williams.

Cynthia Williams had been dating Lance Smith. The two of them had gotten into a heated argument. Smith became enraged and very violent during the disagreement and grabbed a gun.

Cynthia’s mother, Barbara Williams who lived next door received a call from her daughter looking for help because Cynthia was very frightened. That is when Barbara Williams called her sister, Patricia Williams, who was staying across the street with her husband.

Cynthia Williams mother and aunt went to her home to find out what was going on. They never made it inside of the house because they were gunned down by Lance Smith. Police believe that Lance Smith killed Cynthia Williams before he murdered her mother and aunt.

Patricia Williams’ husband was hit by a bullet when he tried to cover and protect his wife all while dialing 911 for help. He is employed as an officer with the Detroit Public Schools. He was not on duty at the time that he was shot. He is expected to survive.

Two other officers were hit by gunfire. They both sustained injuries to a leg. They received those injuries while being pinned down while Lance Smith fired off multiple rounds into the neighborhood where police were responding to the situation. Nine officers were pinned down by the gunfire for about an hour. Smith fired an unknown number of rounds in two separate attacks on the officers.

No shots were fired by the Detroit Police Department or any other agency during the incident.

During the standoff, a Detroit Police officer was shot in the knee.  He was transported to Detroit Receiving Hospital where he was listed in stable condition. The two other officers were shot in a lower portion of a leg. The Detroit Public Schools officer is recovering in the hospital.  He is expected to survive. The last officer who was injured, was treated and released.

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