I-696, I-75 and US24 pavement repairs taking place Today [Updated]

UPDATE:  MDOT has cancelled pothole patching along I-696, I-75 and US24 due to rain. Work will resume over the weekend.

DETROIT, MI – MDOT is working as quickly as possible to make repairs to pavement on I-696, I-75 and US-24. The following will be areas affected by those repairs today, Friday February 23rd, 2018:


I-696 in Oakland:

– WB I-696 from 75 to Woodward and NB/SB 75 RAMPS CLOSING TO WB 696 7am-7pm:

7am-9am             2 right lanes open, 2 left closed (75 ramps closed)

9am-3pm             ONLY RIGHT LANE OPEN, 3 left closed (75 ramps closed)

3pm-7pm             2 right lanes open, 2 left closed (75 ramps closed)

I-696 in Macomb:

– EB I-696 from Dequindre to Mound:

7:30am-7pm       Two left lanes open, 2 right closed

7:30am-3pm       Dequindre ramp to EB 696, ramp closed

I-75 in Oakland:

– SB I-75 from Adams and Crooks:

7am-7pm             ONLY LEFT LANE OPEN, 2 right closed

US-24/Telegraph in Oakland:

              – No Friday work – all lanes open

– Resumes Saturday

Contracted crews repairing the worst of the pavement on I-696, I-75, and US-24 (Telegraph), during dry days while county crews continue patrolling for potholes. Work occurs during am and pm rush to get as much done during dry weather. At times, only 1 lane open.

EB I-696 between US-24 and I-94 repaired first, followed by WB 696 from Dequindre to US-24.

I-75 between 12 Mile and Coolidge, SB is being done first, followed by NB.

US-24 between Long Lake and Orchard Lake, SB will be repaired first, followed by NB.


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