Milford High School Student Arrested after writing Threatening Message on Bathroom Wall

MILFORD, MI – A 17-year-old Milford High School student was arrested on Thursday February 22nd, 2018 after he wrote on a bathroom wall the threatening words “Don’t Come to School Tuesday”.

At 9:20 am an Oakland Sheriff’s Deputy who is assigned to Milford High School as the School Liaison Deputy was notified by the Assistant Principal that during a random inspection of Milford High School he discovered, written on the wall, above a urinal, inside the men’s room, the words “Don’t Come to School Tuesday”.

The School Liaison Officer began reviewing surveillance video and interviewing students. While interviewing several students, two students admitted that they knew who wrote the statement because they had observed him write it. The student who wrote the statement was briefly interviewed at the school where he admitted to writing the statement on the wall.

The student was transported to the Highland Township Substation where he was interviewed by the School Liaison Deputy and a Highland Township Detective. The student stated that he wrote the statement in jest and he meant no harm.

The student’s mother was contacted and he and his mother gave consent to search their residence and his bedroom. Consent was also given to search his laptop computer and cell phone. Nothing suspicious was found inside the cell phone, laptop computer, the student’s bedroom or inside the residence. All firearms in the residence were inside a gun safe, which the student does not have access to.

The student was lodged at the Oakland County Jail pending the issuance of criminal charges.

The Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office issued (1) one count of Malicious Destruction of a Building Less than $200.00 and he will be arraigned.

“We are taking a zero tolerance policy toward any kind of threat or statement that’s a direct threat to safety,” Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said.

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