Power lost and then restored at GLWA Pumping Station in Troy

TROY, MI – Despite the brief loss of power to the pumping station located at South Blvd. and Dequindre, there are No water safety concerns in the City of Troy.GLWA - Great Lakes Water Authority

The pumping station lost DTE power at around 11:30 AM on Saturday March 10th, 2018. As designed, the backup generators kicked on within a minute. Local residents may have experienced low or even no water pressure during this loss of power.

Diagnostics confirmed that this loss of power did not result in any breach (or breaks) in the mains around the pump station. No contaminants have entered the water supply and residents may continue to use their residential water supply without restrictions or worry.

This power outage also effected Troy Beaumont Hospital but the backup generators worked as designed, allowing hospital staff to continue to provide medical services.

Full DTE power has been restored to both Troy Beaumont Hospital and The Great Lakes Water Authority Pump Station.

The City of Troy Water Division is at work and ready to respond to any water main breaks triggered as a result of the loss of power. They have advised that power loss like this can create a surge in the supply lines and cause ruptures to some of the smaller mains. They are prepared to act quickly on any break, residents are unlikely to notice any water supply difference.

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