Downriver Communities on Watch for Fake Cop in the area [Video]

FLAT ROCK, MI – Citizens in the downriver communities are to being asked to be on watch for a man who is allegedly posing as a police officer in their area and this not the first time that he had been caught doing the very same thing.

Dearborn Heights Police posted the following to Facebook on Wednesday March 28th, 2018:Blake Purvis

ATTENTION ALL DEARBORN HEIGHTS CITIZENS!!!! Keep your eyes open for this guy! He is NOT a real Police Officer, let alone a K-9 Officer! If you see him, call us at 313-277-6770 or if he tries to pull you over, call 9-1-1 and do not stop for him! He has tried this in several cities with no tendencies toward violence of any kind and has pending charges with other local departments. Again please let us know if you see him! Any tips on his whereabouts can also be made to Crime Prevention at 313-277-7414.

Flat Rock Police had also posted the same information to their Facebook page.

The person that everyone is keeping watch for is a man by the name of Blake Purvis.  Evidently Purvis had, at one point, been on probation for impersonating an officer in Southgate.

Another person on Facebook posted “He recently went to a Wyandotte police officers funeral dressed in his K-9 outfit and was immediately escorted out the door.”

On March 26th, 2018, Mojo In The Morning on 99.5 had a segment about Blake Purvis and a road rage incident that took place that you can listen to.

MSP is also now involved in the investigation.

If you know him and crimes that he is committing or know his whereabouts, you are asked to please call Dearborn Heights Police at 313-277-6770 or Crime Prevention at 313-277-7414.

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