Couple Shot and Killed on Detroit’s Rosemont Ave [Updated]

DETROIT, MI – In the early morning hours of Saturday March 31st, 2018, Detroit Police responded to the 8400 block of Rosemont Ave on the west side of the city for shots fired.

Just shortly after midnight, upon arrival, police found a man and woman had been hit with gunfire. One victim had been shot in the head and the other was still alive but also suffering from gunshot wounds.

The female victim, LaQuita “Mook” Payton, 30-years-old, who was pregnant, also died from her injuries. She was the girlfriend to the man who was shot and killed.

The male victim went by the screen name of Geovanni de Literati on social media. His legal name was George Mitchell. George was only 52-years-old when an unknown gunman took his life. He had just celebrated his 52nd birthday on March 15th. Mitchell was a life long resident having been born and raised in Detroit.

Information that MI Headlines received is that the murders might have been in retaliation for an attempted theft of a snowblower off the couple’s front porch.

Recently someone tried to steal Mitchell’s snowblower off of his porch. He managed to scare off those who were trying to steal from him. Though it is not confirmed, it is believed that those wanting to steal that equipment came back but with more sinister purposes that they carried out.LaQuita “Mook” Payton

There is also another possible situation MI Headlines has been made aware of that could have played out in these tragic murders. We have received word that Mook has five children who live with their father who did not approve of her dating George and being pregnant.

In her death Mook leaves behind those five children. Evidently she had recently asked the father of those children if she could see them. She was reportedly denied that request. Many believe he may have been involved in the shooting because he did not approve of the relationship she was having with George Mitchell. There was nothing taken out of the home at the time the murders. This would then appear to be a murder where the suspect came gunning for couple and for no other reason.

A Go Fund Me account has been established for LaQuita “Mook” Payton’s funeral expenses. If you would like to contribute to that fund, please Click Here.

Anyone with information concerning these murders are ask to contact Detective Lisa Johnson at 313-268-8252 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SpeakUp.

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