Former Detroit EMT sentenced for Willful Neglect of Duty in death of 8 month old Child [Video]

DETROIT, MI – A former Detroit emergency medical technician, Ann Marie Thomas, 45-years-old, had been charged in connection with failing to respond to a medical dispatch that involved an eight-month-old baby received her sentence today, Thursday April 12th, 2018.Ann Marie Thomas

It is further alleged that Thomas stopped driving her vehicle and parked less than a mile away from the location. Another EMT unit was dispatched to the location. The child died later on the same day.

A WDIV-TV (Ch. 4) report cited city records saying that Thomas refused to go to the home, saying family members could get emotional while EMTs are trying to revive the child.

Ann Marie Thomas was convicted of Willful Neglect of Duty because she delayed a response to a dispatch involving an eight-month-old infant on Glastonbury Street in Detroit. Today she was sentenced to two years probation, with the first six months in the Wayne County Jail, with the last three months to be held in abeyance.

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