Lapeer County Sheriff issues Fraud Alert

LAPEER, MI – During the afternoon hours of Wednesday May 2nd, 2018, the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by medical physicians in Lapeer. It was learned that at least two physicians received fraudulent phone calls from a male caller claiming to be a deputy with the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office Warrant Division- Civil Process.Fraud Alert

This type of fraud has previously occurred (other law enforcement agencies and Internal Revenue Service experienced similar events). During this particular fraud, the scammers are providing names of actual Lapeer County Sheriff’s Deputies to enhance the appearance of legitimacy.

The victims were either called or left a message from the phone number 810-620-0222. When calling the number, there is a fraudulent greeting stating “Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office Warrant Division- Civil Process”. The message initially appears legitimate and asked that a message be left because no deputy is currently available.

The scammer eventually returns the call and informs people that they have an outstanding arrest warrants and provide fraudulent court docket numbers. The scammer will further identify himself using the name of a real Lapeer County Sheriff’s Deputy. A specific amount of money (in the range of $1,000) is requested to resolve the bogus outstanding arrest warrant. The scammer instructs callers not to visit the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office or Lapeer County Court Complex. The scammer requested that funds be transferred through Green Dot Cards.

Anyone receiving these calls, please do not respond or follow the instructions. The Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office does not contact individuals by phone regarding outstanding warrants. If an individual has an outstanding arrest warrant, they will receive a letter in the mail instructing them to surrender at the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office or the Lapeer County Court Complex.

Funds are NEVER requested through Green Dot Cards.

Preliminary, only two people within the medical field have been contacted. No other individuals have come forward to report. No known funds have been provided to the scammer. It is very displeasing that this scammer is falsely representing themselves as a Lapeer County Sheriff’s Deputy and attempting to extort money for bogus warrants. The Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office is actively attempting to identify and locate this scammer.

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