DPD seizes Several Guns and Drugs during Arrest on Kilbourne

DETROIT, MI – Detroit Police have made a significant arrest and seized a huge cache of weapons, drugs and ammo.

The Detroit Police Department’s Gang Intelligence Unit executed a search warrant for narcotics in the 14700 block of Kilbourne at 12:30 pm. During the execution of the warrant 15.3 grams of heroin was confiscated in addition to 3.2 grams Marijuana, 3 rifles, 1 hand gun, 1 machine gun, 1 vehicle, a large amount of ammo, digital scales, paintball gun, and mask.

The estimated street value for the narcotics is approximately $27,600. A 31-year old male, with gang affiliation, was arrested and transported to the Detroit Detention Center for Possession with Intent to Deliver and Felony Firearm.