Shots Fired outside of Niki’s puts Detroit’s Greektown on Edge [Video]

DETROIT, MI – The shooting of weapons outside of Niki’s Pizza located at 743 Beaubien St in Detroit’s Greektown on Saturday night was captured on video and posted to Facebook.

In a time when all of Michigan is wanting to see the resurgence of Detroit, there are those who will show that the city of Detroit still has a long way to go.

In the video you can see and hear people running for their lives because of some type of argument that escalated into gun violence with multiple weapons being fired outside of the restaurant. There is no real shock value to seeing a video like this because it has become so common in major metropolitan areas.

This is Memorial Weekend.  Many people are in the area visiting for early vacation, business, visiting relatives and many more reasons.  This is not the image that they should be left with.

Though Detroit Police and other agencies have been working to keep crime under control in the downtown area, it appears that more needs to be done as evidenced in the attached video.

There is no place for foolishness like this when so much money, time and effort has been and is being put into Detroit to breathe new life into a city that no one really wanted for many years.  Those responsible for firing their weapons during this argument need to be brought to justice even though no one was injured.

Anyone with information pertaining to this crime is asked to call Detroit Police at (313) 237-2850

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