Man Assaulted at Checkers on Harper Ave [Video]

DETROIT, MI – A video that was posted to Facebook shows a man being assaulted at the Checkers restaurant on Harper Ave by a young man who seems to have a taste for violence. The assumed teenager winds up his t-shirt and strikes the victim over the head with it. The video is sparking outrage from the community.

This person goes by the screen name of Dank Ynt and is also known as Draco Osama. Many have expressed this person is exactly what is wrong with society today and what he did should not be accepted as just a childish prank.  He shows that he has no respect for elders. He takes advantage of a situation where the man is minding his own business.

This video was brought to MI Headlines attention by those who are tired and fed up with others not staying within boundaries that most accept as rules of society. They ask that the issue be spot lighted because petty crime can lead to much larger problems.

Tiasha MCguffie states that it is her brother that was assaulted.  She said that he goes to Checkers to eat and sits down for a little while. The victim is a man who suffers from mental illness and is a bother to no one.

Though the victim was not injured, the young man had no right to strike him with his t-shirt as he did. That is considered assault. What was a petty assault became a felony because he struck a legally disabled person. The story could have been much different if when struck the victim fell from where he was seated at and became injured. Fortunately that was not the case this time.

A copy of the video has been forwarded along with this article to the Detroit Police Department for further investigation. Checkers Corporation has also been made aware of the issue.

[videopress SdjQwQp4 w=”600″]

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