3 Victims Identified in Detroit White Castle Shooting

DETROIT, MI – Rashawn Harrington, 25-years-old, Trevaughn Anthony, 24-years-old and DeShawn Gadson, 20-years-old, have been identified as the three victims gunned down inside of the W Warren White Castle early Sunday morning.

It is believed that two hooded gunman armed with AK-47’s unleashed a hail of gunfire on the White Castle restaurant, located at 6301 W Warren Ave, around 12:25 a.m., Sunday, September 9th, 2018. It is unknown if the gunman wanted to murder all three of the victims or which one of them they were wanting to kill.

The three victims were in the lobby of the restaurant at 12:25AM. The lobby doors to the business were to have been locked at 11:00PM prior to the shooting and only drive-thru access should have been available. Once they were inside of the restaurant lobby, they were for the most part inside of a fishbowl where they could easily be seen from the outside. How or why were the victims allowed access to the lobby at that hour?

When all was said and done, Harrington, Anthony and Gadson were found unresponsive inside the lobby of the restaurant. Weapons were recovered near the victims inside of the restaurant which indicates that they were firing or trying to fire their weapons in response to them being shot at. However, if the two masked gunman were armed with AK-47’s and the three victims had handguns, they were already at a huge disadvantage with little chance of survival. The building was riddled with bullet holes. Windows and Glass doors were blown out and shattered from the hail of bullets.

The Wayne County medical examiner’s office said Rashawn Harrington and Trevaughn Anthony died of multiple gunshot wounds. Autopsy results are still pending for DeShawn Gadson.

A witness to the incident said that when the shots rang out, people were running for their lives because ‘All Hell Broke Loose!’ The surprising portion to the sad ending of three lives is that no employees were hurt or killed when the gun battle erupted. Since no other persons were hurt or killed by being inside the restaurant, do we assume that Rashawn Harrington, Trevaughn Anthony and DeShawn Gadson were the only ones in the lobby at that time?

Police have described the two suspects as masked men standing 5 feet 11 inches tall, wearing dark clothes, and armed with guns. They fled the crime scene on foot in an unknown direction.

The investigation is ongoing.  If you or someone you know of has information that could solve this horrific crime,  you are asked to call Detroit Police Homicide at (313) 224-5850 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SpeakUP.

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