Woman States Racially Charged Doll Appears at Beaumont Health

WAYNE, MI – Gabrielle Williams states that she was at Beaumont Health in Wayne when she noticed a disgusting racially charged doll that was colored in by a caucasian Phlebotomist and was outraged that it was there.  However a court case became involved in this situation or one very similar to it where race relations were front and center.

black sambo doll

Williams posted to social media the following on Tuesday, September 11th, 2018:

“To Teoka Williams and her attorney Julie Gafkay to the Honorable Victoria A. Roberts and Stephen J. Murphy III court of appeals and all media outlets and to the rest of the World. This Black Sambo Beaumont Health doll was colored in by a caucasian Phlebotomist named Alicia Marie Ososkie at the Wayne location. This is what this hospital represents, thinks and feels about those of African decent.

This hospital is extremely racist and discriminatory. They have no respect for their employees of African decent. There needs to be a class action lawsuit against this Hospital but there are too many who are afraid to stand up due to the repercussions of losing their job. We will not be silenced anymore regarding the treatment of employees, patients and family members of African decent.

Please protest/boycott this Hospital. Beaumont Health you can no longer sweep this under the rug. Own up to your racist actions Black Sambo doll and corrupt nature.

No matter how you try to hide it. It wont go away.”

It is unclear how or why this doll appeared. Where it actually appeared could not be verified either.

MI Headlines has learned that a court case was filed and that case involved Teoka Williams.  The case is about a patient not wanting to be cared for by a person of color.

ABC News reported on Aug 16, 2018, that Teoka Williams was working a shift at Beaumont Health in Dearborn on Oct. 2 last year when she was assigned to two patients, one of whom said in Williams’ earshot that she did not want a “black b–ch” taking care of her, Williams said in the complaint filed in federal court in Michigan.

When Williams, who is black, reported the incident to a supervisor, expecting her to reject the patient’s request, the supervisor instead forbade Williams from going into the room again and replaced her with a white nurse, according to the complaint.

In a message to MI Headlines, Gabrielle Williams sent the following:  Thank You sooo much for this. I was one of the whistleblowers who ended up getting fired. This happened in Dearborn Mi. The caucasian Phlebotomist Alicia Marie Ososkie worked in Dearborn when she created this however they transferred her to Wayne as a cover up. Again I thank you so much sharing this! ?

The incident about the doll was brought to MI Headlines attention by CeoMick Robinson PageTwo.

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