Warren Mayor makes Statement concerning Council Meeting and Marijuana

WARREN, MI – Jim Fouts, the Mayor of Warren, publicly made a statement today concerning the marijuana controversy at the most recent council meeting.

His statement makes it sound as though others are trying to bully him by being arrogant and demanding to side with what they are seeking.

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Fouts posted to Facebook the following statement:

“The marijuana controversy at the most recent council meeting has led me to conclude that it may be time to consider opting out.

I have recently been contacted by individuals that live in northern Macomb County and Bloomfield Hills wanting to set up a marijuana dispensary in Warren. They are arrogant and demand that either I drop the veto or comply with their requests. When I suggest that they locate their operations in their home cities they reply that their city has either opted out or does not want it.

One individual yesterday indicated to me that Warren is a good place for the marijuana industry because of our perceived friendliness to marijuana. What does that mean? Why do they feel that their city should NOT have it but Warren must? Does this mean that Warren may become the “marijuana Vegas” of the Midwest? I’m really tired of all the games that seemed to be played.

Enough is enough as I want our city to be known as a clean and safe city and I’m NOT sure that the marijuana industry advances that goal. Enough is enough! Warren should not be the place where outsiders in other cities hit the lottery!

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