Flint 7 yr old Girl Shot in Head and Killed

FLINT, MI – Police believe that her sixteen year old uncle was the intended target but she is the one who was shot in the head and killed in Flint at about 7:45PM on Tuesday October 9th, 2018.ZAHIYAH BURNS

The shooting happened in the 200 block of W. Austin Avenue near Martin Luther King Avenue on Flint’s north side.

The child is being identified as Zaniyah Burns. She was a student at New Standard Academy in Mt. Morris Township.

Police believe the shots came from an open area near Ruth Avenue and were directed at the home where the 7 year old girl was. The child was inside of the house with her mother and other family members when the shots rang out.

Authorities are actively seeking information from witnesses and anyone who may have knowledge of who the shooter might be.

The suspect remains at large and the investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information is asked to call Flint police or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-422-JAIL to leave tips anonymously.

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