45 yr old Woman Disappears on her way to Store

DETROIT, MI – A 45-year-old woman has been reported as missing by her cousin to Detroit Police and they need your help to locate her.Latonya Brown

Latonya Brown was last seen by her cousin on October 13, 2018 at approximately 5 p.m.. Latonya and her cousin was at a park on Annabelle and Visger when Latonya advised her that she was going to the store. Her cousin reported that Latonya left but never returned. According to her cousin, this is not the first time Latonya has been missing.

Latonya is described as a 45-years old, black female and brown complexion. Her clothing description and additional physical description was not provided.

Latonya is in good physical and mental condition was not provided.

If anyone has seen Latonya Brown or knows of her whereabouts they are asked to call Detroit Police Fourth Precinct at 313-596-5400.

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