24 yr old Man Shot and Killed outside Detroit’s Annex Nightclub

DETROIT, MI – A 23-year-old man was shot outside of the Annex Nightclub while he was seated in a Lexus on Wednesday, November 7th, 2018, around 2:20 a.m. The victim later died from his injuries.Police Line

The fatal shooting took place in the area of Woodward and Adams. The victim, Dorian Heath, was shot while he was a front seat passenger in a black Lexus ES 350. The Lexus had a temporary license plate from Indiana. A white Dodge Challenger pulled up and someone from inside that vehicle opened fire shooting at those who were in the Lexus.

Dorian Heath was hit by bullets in his back and neck. At least three rounds hit the Lexus on the passenger side.

The driver of the Lexus then drove east where he flagged down a Detroit police scout car in the area of Gratiot and Van Dyke which is some 4 miles away from where the incident took place.

Heath was taken to a hospital but died in the emergency room from his injuries. Police are trying to identify all of the passengers that were in the Lexus at the time of the shooting.

A red Dodge Charger was observed in the area at the time the shooting occurred.

No suspects are currently in custody.

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