Michigan Harvest Gathering’s 28th Annual Giving Campaign will provide 2.2 Million Meals

LANSING, MI – Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette today along with the Food Bank Council of Michigan Director Phil Knight announced that donations for the 28th Annual Michigan Harvest Gathering Campaign surpassed this year’s goal of 2 million meals for Michigan families.Michigan Harvest Gathering

The giving campaign was able to raise $305,000 and 400,000 pounds of food which will provide 2.2 million meals for families in need across Michigan.

“Without the great people who have donated and volunteered for the Michigan Harvest Gathering. Without the great people of Michigan who helped with this year’s food bank there would be 2.2 million less meals served to those in need.”

This year’s giving total was announced at the Annual Harvest Gathering Luncheon which also honors individuals who have made a difference in providing hunger relief across Michigan.

Michigan Harvest Gathering

Michigan Harvest Gathering was founded in 1991 by Attorney General Bill Schuette and his wife, Cynthia. Partnered with the Food Bank Council of Michigan, Michigan Harvest Gathering’s campaign has raised over 81 million meals for those in need. Since the foundation of the Michigan Harvest Gathering in 1991, nearly 10 million pounds of food, and $10,341,000 million have been raised to stock the shelves and pantries of food banks across the State of Michigan.

To donate or find out more about the Michigan Harvest Gathering visit feedmichigan.org. Families in need of assistance can call their regional food bank or dial 211 to learn who is serving food in their area.

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