Detroit City Council Committee Passes Davis “Bullet Bill” Resolution

DETROIT, MI – Detroit City Council committee passed the Davis “Bullet Bill” resolution on Monday November 19th, 2018.bullets

Wayne County Commissioner (6th District) Reggie Reg Davis call for support of Davis’ resolution requiring a mental health background check on purchasers of ammunition in Wayne County while  limiting the purchase of ammunition in Wayne County cleared a Detroit City Council hurdle today.

The Detroit City Council standing committee on Public Health and Safety chaired by Councilman Scott Benson unanimously passed the “Bullet Bill” resolution” sponsored by Detroit City Councilman Rev Andre Spivey.

“I look forward to seeing this resolution passed tomorrow at Detroit City Council’s formal session,” said Commissioner Davis.

As part of a comprehensive Wayne County “Bullet Bill” ordinance additional county taxes would be imposed on the purchase of ammo with revenue derived going to cover administrative costs, assist victims of gun violence and educational programs with a focus on conflict resolution.

“My brother Vito was gunned down and killed on the streets of Detroit. Vito and an uncle, also a victim of gun violence, is entombed at Woodlawn Cemetery. We must unload the guns. I do not want any more families to go through what my family and too many families have to endure on the killing fields of Wayne County,” said Davis.

Davis said that he is working on funding and a program targeting his 6th District in Northwest Detroit that will serve as a national model for prevention of serious mental illness.

Contact: Wayne County 6th District Commissioner Reggie Reg Davis (313) 544-6312

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