Thief Steals Packages off Porch in Clinton Township [Video]

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI – On Friday November 23, 2018, a video was shared on in hopes that it would alert residents to a package thief and also to possibly identify the suspect.

The incident took place while the woman and her husband were at the dentist. She stated that approximately 15 minutes earlier in a video prior to the one that you see here, it shows the thief and the two in the back walking on the sidewalk staring at the packages as they walked past them.

When the couple discovered what had happened to their merchandise they went knocking on their neighbors doors in hopes that someone saw more than their camera did. Unfortunately none of them did.

The couple is offering this advice:

  • Make sure to have a neighbor watch out for you, possibly take in your packages.
  • Tell shippers where to put them, don’t leave them on the porches or anywhere else thugs can see them.
  • Get a signature required or let them know not to leave the packages if no one answers the door

They apparently lost $500 in merchandise.  “So much for being in the holiday spirit!!”

If you can identify the person in the video, please give Clinton Township Police as call at (586) 493-7800

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