Detroit Man Back Behind Bars after being on the Run for 5 yrs

DUNBAR, W. VA – He was featured on Detroit’s Most Wanted on WXYZ in March of 2018. Terrance Douglas Poindexter, 32-years-old, was taken into custody on November 12th in Dunbar, W. Va.

U.S. Marshall’s had to break through a barricade in a house located in Dunbar that they believed Terrance Poindexter was in. After the Marshall’s got inside of the house, he was apprehended and served with several arrest warrants. He was taken into custody without further incident.

In North Carolina  a “paperwork error” resulted in the mistaken release of Terrance Poindexter. He had been locked up in the Forsyth County Jail until those iron bars swung open and he was let go. He was behind bars because he was being accused of moving huge quantities of heroin from Detroit to North Carolina.

Terrance Poindexter is an alleged member of the drug-trafficking organization called the “Detroit Boys”.  Poindexter was finally taken back into custody in West Virginia this month after he was on the run for five years.

He is one of five men who were arrested in October of 2013 on drug-related charges in an investigation into the drug-trafficking organization that authorities say he is a member of. Authorities said the “Detroit Boys”organization moved heroin between Detroit and Winston-Salem. Poindexter was charged with one count of conspiracy to traffic in heroin and two counts of trafficking in heroin.

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