Another Inmate Death Reported in the Macomb County Jail

MOUNT CLEMENS, MI – On Wednesday December 19th, 2018, two Macomb County Jail inmates were transported to a nearby hospital for a possible overdose. One of the inmates, Nicholas DiFranco, died at the hospital. The second inmate, who is identified on social media as Nico V Brozaliné, is still receiving treatment at the hospital.

At approximately 4:55pm, Macomb County Jail staff were alerted by an inmate that his cell mate, Nicholas DiFranco, 28-years-old, of St. Clair Shores, was having some type of reaction. Within thirty seconds, jail deputies and medical staff were tending to DiFranco.

Deputies quickly learned that both inmates had ingested a substance. Deputies administered two doses of Narcan to DiFranco. Both inmates were transported to the hospital by ambulance. Nick DiFranco died at the hospital and the second inmate, Nico V Brozaliné, continues to be treated.

Preliminary investigations show that both inmates obtained the medication improperly from another inmate. Both inmates crushed up and then snorted the substance. Both inmates went to the sleep and when the second inmate woke up he heard DiFranco having some type of medical issue. The second inmate alerted deputies.

Nick DiFranco had been in jail since November 7th, 2018, on embezzlement and possession of narcotic paraphernalia charges.

Nico V Brozaliné has been in the jail since October 24th, 2018 on charges of possession of analogues, unlawful driving away of an automobile and retail fraud.

“The drug epidemic in Macomb County continues to be on the rise. Unfortunately, this epidemic does not cease at the walls of the Macomb County Jail. On a daily basis, 60-65% of our inmate population receives some type of medication, 30 – 60 inmates are on a detoxification protocol, and 35- 50% of our inmate population have a history of drug use. A large percentage of the inmates continue to seek out narcotics under any means necessary while incarcerated.

My staff and I are constantly reviewing and updating policies and increasing technology in the fight to eliminate contraband entering into our facility”. – Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham.

This is the third death in the jail in the past three years related to drugs that were ingested while in custody of the Macomb County Sheriff. Many in the community are calling for a thorough investigation into how drugs keep getting into a secure facility and why better controls are not being implemented concerning the distribution of narcotics to inmates. They are calling for the investigation to be done by outside sources who cannot and will not be swayed by anyone with the Macomb County Jail operations.

Michael Piotrowski, 39-years-old, died in April 2015. He died within 24 hours after he was placed in the jail. Daniel Byrd, 42-years-old, died after he had already been in custody for 23 days. Both men died from a fatal overdose of prescription drugs.