Baby Formula and Liquor Do Not Mix Well for Detroit Man

DEARBORN, MI – A Detroit man learned the hard way that baby formula and a bottle of liquor do not mix well together when he tried to steal both of them from Walmart.liquor formula

He was arrested on Tuesday December 11th, 2018, after he tried to steal a can of baby formula and a bottle of liquor from Walmart located at 5851 Mercury Drive.

Dearborn Police were called to the store by Walmart loss prevention, at approximately 8:45PM, on a call of a larceny that had just occurred. When they arrived, Dearborn Police were informed by loss prevention personnel that they had taken the man into custody after he concealed baby formula and a bottle of liquor in a diaper bag while shopping in the store.

The suspect was nabbed when he tired to leave through the front entrance without paying for the items. There was no indication if he was trying to get the formula for a child of his own or if he was going to try and sell it. A container of formula can cost around $20. Baby formula has been referred to as ‘liquid gold,’ because reselling it has become very lucrative.

Stores have been taking measures to stop the shoplifting of baby formula, including limiting the supply on shelves. Some retailers have had to go are far as locking it up so that it will not be stole from their stores.

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