Man Swindled Out of iPad with Counterfeit Money in Troy Parking Lot

TROY, MI – Police in Troy are investigating an incident where the sale of an iPad ended up with counterfeit money being paid for the item.Troy Police

On January 21st, 2019, Troy Police responded to the Five Guys parking lot located at 1339 Coolidge Highway, at 7:56PM, after the victim called 911  to report that his iPad had just been stolen.

He had placed his silver Apple MacBook iPad for sale on Offerup for $650 and was contacted by a subject offering to purchase it. The two met in the parking lot and the subject provided $650 in cash and the victim immediately noticed the five $100 bills were counterfeit. When the victim called the suspect out on it, the suspect grabbed the laptop and took off running. The suspect jumped into a blue vehicle and fled the area in an unknown direction.

The counterfeit currency was confiscated and was sent to the United States Secret Service for their investigation. The victim was able to retain the $50 (two twenties and one ten dollar bill) in real currency.

Many police stations have an ecommerce safety zone in front of the building for use when selling stuff online.