Cause of Odor in the Air over Metro Detroit

DETROIT, MI – Many have been asking what the gas odor in the air over metro Detroit is being caused from.

Information from has been received regarding the Marathon Refinery in Melvindale. The refinery is aware of the odor in the air and is reporting there is no health hazard. They are actively monitoring the air quality at this time. Dearborn Police and Fire have also monitored the air quality and have not detected anything harmful.

MSP and Local 911 centers started receiving calls at about 4:00 AM. MSP Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division. (EMHSD) has been in contact with Marathon Oil and local authorities around the Detroit/Dearborn border.

Sensors have been deployed in various parts of the metro area because of a reported leak at a property that the refinery owns.

Marathon Oil has a meeting scheduled at their facility to brainstorm possible causes of this issue. Detroit Fire and Dearborn HSEM have been updated.

There is a on going investigation on site at Marathon Oil to determine the source. At this time Marathon still shows NO air quality issues on their meters. Based on wind direction Marathon agrees their facility could be the source.

No further information is available at this time. Please check back for updates as they become available.

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