2 from Detroit Arrested in Large Drug Raid in West Virginia

HUNTINGTON, WV – According to the Herald-Dispatch, 13 people were detained and 6 were arrested during a drug raid Monday evening, February 18th, 2019, by Huntington Police officers at a home in the 1600 block of Madison Avenue.

The raid took place at approximately 5:00PM on Monday.drug arrest

Capt. Rocky Johnson of the Huntington Police Department’s Special Investigations Bureau said “When we got here, we encountered about 13 people with drugs in plain view.” Johnson also stated all 13 were detained, six were arrested and at least two of those arrested are from Detroit, Michigan.

The fire department was called in because of a strong odor of gas coming from a bedroom upstairs in the house. The gas was shut off and the house was ventilated.

Authorities said that they had received numerous calls concerning the house and the alleged illegal activity taking place there.


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