3 Detroit Area Men Arrested in West Virginia on Cocaine Charges

FAIRMONT, W.VA. – Three men from the Detroit area were arrested on cocaine distribution charges in Fairmont on Saturday, March 9th, 2019 .

According to the Fairmont Police Department, at approximately 10:00AM, officers were keeping watch on an apartment on Brookside Drive in reference to a drug complaint that they had received. While conducting surveillance, officers said they observed a silver 2018 Kia Rio pull into the driveway.

Three individuals who were inside the vehicle got out and walked into the apartment that officers had been watching. Shortly after that, the trio got back into the vehicle to leave that location. Four individuals were now inside of the car. Officers noticed that the front seat passenger was not wearing a seatbelt. This gave them reason to conduct a traffic stop at the intersection of Locust Avenue and Bryant Street.

The two rear seat passengers of the vehicle were identified as Khalil Mathis, 21-years-old and Denario Jones, 19-years-old, both of Detroit.

Because of the drug complaints stemming from the apartment the vehicle left from, officers had a K-9 conduct a sniff from the outside of the vehicle. Officers said the K-9 gave them a positive indication of controlled substances on the vehicle at the rear right passenger door. The vehicle was then searched once all of the occupants were removed.

During the search, 5.5 grams of powder cocaine were located that was hidden underneath of the passenger seat and was individually bagged in eight clear plastic bags. Officers said they also seized $731 in cash from the vehicle.

After the vehicle search, a search warrant was obtained and executed on the apartment that officers had been conducting surveillance on. While setting up for the search, two men bailed out the back window of the residence. Alvin Howard, 24-years-old, of Highland Park, was one of those who dove out of the kitchen window and fled on foot towards Locust Avenue. Howard was taken into custody after a short foot pursuit.

Officers seized approximately 7 more grams of cocaine, 27 Clonazepam pills, mini-scales, packaging materials and a Ruger LC9s firearm inside of the apartment.

Mathis, Jones and Howard were each charged with possession with intent to deliver cocaine and possession with intent to deliver Clonazepam.

All three men are currently being held at North Central Regional Jail. Bail was set at $300,000 each.

Fairmont Police said that while they appreciate tourism in their state, there seems to have been an overabundance of advertisement with some unsavory characters in the Motor City area.

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