2 Men Claim to be from Detroit after Purse Snatching at West Virginia Walmart

BARBOURSVILLE, W.VA. – Three people were arrested on Sunday April 21st, 2019, after a purse snatching incident at a Walmart in Barboursville.walmart

Two men allegedly stole a purse from a woman outside of Walmart. A Cabell County Sheriff’s deputy who was in the vicinity at the time tried to stop them. He chased the two men into the Rotary Garden Apartment complex where the suspects entered into an apartment. The apartment that the two suspects fled into is evidently where a friend of theirs resides.

Officers from the Cabell County Sheriff’s Office along with West Virginia State Police held their positions outside of the building for 45 minutes before they entered and arrested the two purse snatchers along with the female resident of the apartment.

The two suspects were found hiding inside a cabinet and closet.

Once in custody, the two thieves claim that they are from Detroit. Deputies say the two men are not cooperating and will not give their names.

The female friend of the suspects was arrested because she allegedly lied to officers during the investigation.

The investigation is still on-going.