Detroit Police Chief Finally Admits to Serial Killer working East side of City [Video]

DETROIT, MI – For weeks, until today, Detroit Police Chief James Craig denied that a serial killer was on the loose.

The community knew better but did not have official confirmation from authorities. Craig created confusion and doubt in the community. James Craig said today, June 5th, 2019, that authorities are looking for a potential serial killer and rapist that is operating on the city’s east side.

The Detroit Police Chief said that they have been investigating since March the connections to a string of murders on the east side of the city. He said the investigation began with an incident on March 19th in the 20000 block of Coventry, where the female victim was totally disrobed. Then on May 24th there was another murder that was believed to be in connection to the March 19th incident. A woman’s body was discovered in the 13000 block of Linhurst, between Gratiot and Chalmers.

James Craig stated that until the discovery of another murder this morning in a vacant house on Mack Ave did they believe they had the “makings of a serial killer and rapist”.

Police believe the suspect is targeting prostitutes in their early 50s and luring them to vacant properties where they are then murdered. However, there are other murders that have taken place that are not related to the sex trade that residents believe are connected. By connecting the murders to sex workers and drugs, it gives the community a false sense of security because most community members are not involved in the dealings of those who sell their bodies or use and sell drugs to survive for one reason or another.

Residents and community leaders are outraged because they feel that they have not been told the truth for a very long time even though they were providing information that should have been pieced together to give a much clearer picture of the situation.

The Detroit Police Department continuously asks for help and information from the community to help solve major crimes that have taken place around the city. In many cases the residents step up and provide what is needed. James Craig wants the community to trust and respect the officers who work very hard every day. It is difficult to trust a department that did not admit until today what the residents already knew. The community expects that there should be mutual respect and trust for relations to be better.

Maybe if the police chief would have came clean with information before today, some of these victims would still be alive and the community could have banded together to figure out who is doing this among the residents of the city.

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