Attempted Carjacking in Clinton Township [Updated]

Update:  After speaking with Clinton Township Police, the details from the passenger are much different than those from the police officers.

The man who was supposedly the attempted carjacker was actually a man who was having a mental health episode.  He was not trying to carjack anyone. He was Not dragged down the street as was reported by the passenger.

The man was taken into custody and is being cared for by mental health professionals.


CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI – On Tuesday June 4th, 2019, two women, both 74-years-old, were stopped at the light at 15 Mile Rd and Gratiot when a man reportedly tried to carjack them.Attempted Carjacking

The woman on the passenger side of the vehicle had her window down. While waiting at the stop light, a man ran up to the car and started pulling on the passenger through the opened window. He was trying to get in the car at the same time but was unable to do so because the vehicle has automatic door locks.

In fear, the driver sped away from the stop light with the man still attached to the passenger and the vehicle. He was dragged down the street until he finally let go.

A person in another vehicle who witnessed the incident happen took action by calling 911. Clinton Township Police arrived on scene where they immediately took the suspect was taken into custody.

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