Could More Bodies be Connected to Detroit’s Suspected East side Serial Killer ?

DETROIT, MI – Detroit Police Chief James Craig yesterday announced that a homeless man by the name of DeAngelo Kenneth Martin was a ‘Person of Interest’ in the three most recent murders of women on the east side of Detroit.DeAngelo Martin

Chief Craig made the public aware of who they were zeroing in on at about 4:50PM. on Friday June 7th, 2019.

At 7:43PM Detroit Police sent out to media the following statement:

The person of interest wanted in connection to the sexual assaults/homicides (serial rapist) has been taken into custody tonight at 7:30 p.m in the area of 7 mile and Gratiot at a bus stop.

Once that news broke then there were various posts on social media stating that DeAngelo Martin’s family refused to allow him to enter their home and that is why he was found at that bus stop.

Martin’s aunt spoke with WXYZ-Detroit about her nephew.  She is devastated that he is being linked to three known murders and that she and their family are praying for the victims and their families. She was asked why she would think that he could possibly be involved. Her answer was one word – ‘Drugs’.

The three women that DeAngelo Martin has been linked to are 52-year-old Nancy Harrison who was found on March 19th, 2019, in the 20000 block of Coventry. The second is Travesene Ellis who was found on May 24th on Linnhurst, between Gratiot and Schoenherr and the third is an unidentified, possibly 55-year-old woman, who was found on Wednesday morning in a vacant house on Mack Avenue. During the initial press conference concerning a possible serial killer working the streets of the east side, Chief Craig stated that they had been investigating since March. Could the investigation go even further back than March?

Before Martin was named as a Person of Interest, Chief Craig was asked why police felt they had a serial killer at work on Detroit’s east side. His answer was a simple one. The person committing the crimes has a pattern in each of the homicides. One of those patterns being that the three known victims were all found in abandoned houses that need to be torn down. Investigators must have other elements to the pattern than victims being found in vacant properties that they have yet to make the public aware of. The sex trade in that area of Detroit was also put out to the public but a relative to one of the victims disputes that his sister was involved in selling her body for financial gain.

The next logical question that many in public and private are asking ‘Are there other victims who were murdered that he could be connected to?’ Investigators with the Detroit Police Department have been looking through unsolved case files to determine if there is a potential link with this particular suspect. Police and members of the community have been going into and looking closely at other vacant houses to determine if there are more victims that have not currently been found. There are nearly 1000 homes that were planned to be gone through.

Currently the public knows very little information about DeAngelo Martin. What is known is that he is 34-years-old and has a history of drug abuse. He has been a homeless man for several years and that he roamed the streets of Detroit’s east side. In a search of records with the Michigan Department of Corrections, nothing was found as far as any major criminal records.

In the coming days and weeks more will be revealed of what Detroit Police have been compiling to bring this person into custody and get him off of the streets so he can no longer be a threat to the citizens of Detroit’s east side or anywhere for that matter.

If anyone has any information pertaining to crimes that DeAngelo Martin could possibly have been involved in, they are asked to contact the Detroit Police Department Homicide Unit at 313-596-2260, or CRIMESTOPPERS at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.

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