Man Arrested for Tagging Mount Clemens Businesses with Graffiti

MOUNT CLEMENS, MI – On June 3rd, 2019, Macomb County Sheriff deputies took a report regarding graffiti on a building in Mt. Clemens.Anthony Gigliotti

They also received numerous Facebook messages about the graffiti. A suspect, Anthony Gigliotti, was identified through the reporting business as well as the Facebook messages received. The sheriff’s office as “We love when suspects post about the crimes they commit because it really lessens our investigation time.” The business removed the graffiti. In the time it took to get legal paperwork started the business was “tagged” again.

On 6/11/19, Deputies were again dispatched to the same business for the suspect, Gigliotti, standing on top of an approximately 15’ cinderblock wall. When Gigliotti reluctantly came down from the wall he told deputies that several people had confronted him on Facebook about the graffiti and that he had come to the business to fight them. Gigliotti was taken into custody for trespassing and subsequently charged with 2 counts of Malicious Destruction of Property. (We do wonder if the arrest saved Gigliotti from another charge of assault?)

Macomb County Sheriff’s Office also stated “We love our cities, townships, and villages and want our citizens to feel safe. Damaging property and assaulting others is never OK and you will be held accountable.”

They Sheriff’s Department purposely did not name the business or what was “tagged” because they do not want to bring any justification to unwanted graffiti.

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